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About Us

For over 65 years, Thelco has delivered high-quality Worthington® and Flowserve® * pumps, and parts from our Englewood, CO warehouse. Veteran-owned and family-run, Thelco delivers exceptional customer service. We understand the speed and efficiency needed in getting the right part quickly to get the job done. Thelco has thousands of parts in inventory at all times, a fabrication facility on-site, and experts in the industry on call.

  Here at Thelco, we believe the key to success lies in the dynamic relationship between the employees of our company and our customers. We’ve built our business by focusing on the unique needs of each customer to build strong, long-lasting relationships. The quality of our product line speaks for itself. The Thelco Team’s commitment and focus on delivering again & again to our customers fuels their business. In fact, our supply of pumps & parts has grown to support a foundation of hundreds of companies we have had repeat business from for over 30 years. We are proud to be the first call many customers choose to make again and again. Whether it’s an overnight parts delivery to a hospital or custom build of an explosion-proof pump: Thelco provides what you need to power your business.

Our expertise and quick turnaround time shipping domestically and internationally (usually within 24 hours of order) help support production across a wide variety of industries. Thelco also removes barriers to getting the job done quickly without the worry of an unexpected expense. We provide fast financing through a 3-minute, 3 step process at https://quickfi.com/thelco/


Pumps, Parts, Fabrication, Repair, and Financing — Thelco delivers exactly what you need when you need it. Contact us at (303) 761-7616

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