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MPT Cover – Dec 2021

Thelco December 2021 Modern Pumping Today Cover

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Worthington Pump


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Worthington Pumps

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“Founded in 1845, Worthington pumps have a storied history that began with innovator Henry R. Worthington. Maintaining their founder’s high standards, these pumps, particularly Worthington pump parts, are synonymous with quality and reliability. The legacy of the Worthington pump extends back to the Civil War, highlighting their long-standing service in critical applications like those used by the U.S. Navy. Today, Thelco continues this tradition, emphasizing the importance of providing top-notch Worthington pump parts. Worthington pumps are not just a part of American industrial history; they represent a continuous commitment to excellence in pumping technology. From the earliest Worthington pump models to the modern Worthington pump parts, this brand remains at the forefront of the industry, thanks to the foundations laid by Henry R. Worthington and the ongoing dedication of companies like Thelco to uphold these esteemed standards.”