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Thelco’s Pump of the Day: Worthington 5LR-15 Split Case Horizontal Pump

Discover unparalleled efficiency and reliability with our featured product, the Worthington 5LR-15. This split case horizontal pump is designed to excel in a variety of fluid movement tasks, setting the standard for precision and performance.

Why Choose the Worthington 5LR-15?

Reliability: Built to last, ensuring your operations run smoothly without unexpected downtimes.
Efficiency: Optimized for energy conservation, reducing operational costs.
Versatility: Perfect for a broad spectrum of applications, from water management to HVAC systems.
Why Thelco?

At Thelco, we’re more than just a supplier; we’re your partner in ensuring your projects succeed without a hitch.

Quality Selection: Our extensive inventory is carefully curated to meet every need, offering a wide variety of pumps.
Expert Support: Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect pump solution, tailored to your specific requirements.
Don’t Let Delays Derail Your Projects

Choosing the right pump shouldn’t slow you down. With Thelco, you gain access to premium pumps and parts, backed by expert advice and support.

Interested in the Worthington Flowserve 5LR-15?

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